Saturday, November 30, 2013

So, what to do for Thanksgiving?

Since a 15 pound, frozen turkey at Harbels costs $100, no one knows how long it's been frozen, and no one has an oven big enough to cook a turkey in anyway, the Senior Missionaries all decided to go to the Royal Hotel for Thursday's buffet - Italian!  Nice way to celebrate a good old American Holiday, don't you think?  Actually, it was very good.  We all enjoyed ourselves and ate till we were stuffed, which is what you do for Thanksgiving, right?
So what are we thankful for this Thanksgiving?
*Family and Friends - We feel of your love and support.
*To be missionary companions in Liberia and the other missionaries we serve with.
*For a good place to live, good food to eat, and good water to drink.
*The gospel in our lives and the peace and happiness it brings us.

Left side of table front to back - Elder and Sister Hezseltine, Elder and Sister Berrett
Right side of table front to back - Sister Miles (you can just see the top of Elder Miles' head behind Sister Miles), President and Sister Kirkham, The other Sister and Elder Miles.

Before our Thanksgiving feast, we made a delivery to the Logan Town apartments.  As we were getting ready to leave, several of the Elders were standing at the curb in front of their apartment building, trying to get a taxi so they could go to their areas to work for the day.  The work goes on, even on Thanksgiving.  Dedicated, hard working missionaries!
L to R - Elders Humpherys, Zaugg, Fairwell, Pearmain, Erickson, Guymon, Backman, Gunnell

With Thanksgiving over, it's time to decorate for Christmas.
In the package we received from home were homemade Christmas cards from our grandchildren.  We decided to open one a day to extend the fun.  All the cards have been opened now, so of course they have to go up on the wall.  

See our cute wreath.  Those are my grandchildren's hands.

Look at the fun snowflakes they also sent.  
(Hey, Berrett grandchildren, see if you can find your snowflake and card.)

Thanks for the decorations, family. 
Our apartment looks quite festive, thanks to you.   

I taught the children in my Logan Town Branch to sing, "Once there was a snowman".  They love the part that says, 'in the sun he melted' and then you pretend to melt.  Only thing is, they have no idea what snow, a snowman, or even what cold is.  I asked them what color they thought snow was and they all shouted, "black!" Well, not at first it isn't!


  1. I love your decorations! Your Grandkids out did themselves. Their colorful pictures are so beautiful! If by chance you get back to Logan town...take a picture of Elder Gunnells Christmas decorations...hoping they actually get there. He should even have a string of lights to make things look festive!

  2. Your apartment looks so festive. The kids were so excited to see their cards hanging up. I am so glad you had a nice Thanksgiving, I think Italian sounds even better than turkey :) Thank you for all your blog posts, I love them all. I love you and Dad so much.

  3. If you can't be home with your family, an Italian buffet in Liberia sounds like the next best thing!! Your apartment looks so festive and happy, the ladies loved seeing their cards on display! We miss you Mom and Dad!!!

  4. I love these pictures!!! I'm so glad you had a nice Thanksgiving and that the Italian Buffet didn't disappoint. We miss you everyday, but I shed some tears on Thanksgiving remembering the past two years when we were lucky enough to have you eating in our home on the big day. We're so grateful for you and for what you are doing. I'm glad you can feel our love a little across the miles when you look at the cards and handprints of your grandchildren. You ARE very loved by us all!