Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Our" Bushrod Island Missionaries

Our mission has two districts - Monrovia and Bushrod Island.  Elder Berrett and I are over the Bushrod Island District. There are 10 branches and about 40 missionaries that we keep an eye on.  It's apartment inspection time.  That gives us an chance to visit 'our' missionaries.  The missionaries looked great and so did their apartments.

These are 2 of the missionaries in the Duala apartment in Brewerville - or as the locals say Braville.
Elder Anderson, Elder Egbu

Also in Brewerville - in the Banjor and Brewerville apartments are
Elders Enwukweri, Avornu, Bangura, Fairwell, Bosomtwe, and Marondera

Only 4 sisters in our District - Sisters Addo, Kithangu, Kizza, Nyamekye

There are 3 Elders apartment in Logan Town -
In the Doe Community apartment - Elder Zaugg, Elder Humpherys, Elder Erickson, Elder Obeng-Poku

We love it when we can deliver packages and letters.  We are as excited to bring the mail as they are to get it!!  Wish you could have seen Elders Humpherys and Erickson jumping around when we handed them their packages.  

In the New Kru Town and Point 4 apartment - Elders Pearmain, Estigoy, Price and Manqana

And in the Logan Town 1 and 2 apartment - Elders Bowring, Osayi, Khasiahi, and Guymon

Here are the Elders in the Upper Caldwell apartment.
Elders Witehira, Montgomery, Jemba, and Conners
(Plus Patrick a visiting neighbor boy)

While visiting the Upper Caldwell apartment, we noticed the neighbors pumping water and wanted to give it a try.  This well and pump were donated by the church.  You get water and a work out.

These are the Elders in the Caldwell apartment.
Elders Jensen, Godi, Tolar and Falemai.

These are valiant missionaries.  They all wash their clothes by hand and hang them outside to dry, bathe in cold water, and only have power from 7 to 10 pm when they turn their generators on. They walk or ride on the back of taxi motorcycles.  Yet they continue to smile and work hard.
We love "OUR" missionaries.

This is Elders Tolar and Falemai walking to their apartment.
This gives you an idea what the country side looks like.  The rainy season has just ended and the dry season begun.  Not looking forward to the heat and humidity.  


  1. I LOVE these pictures and I LOVE you! What amazing missionaries (all of you!).

  2. Great pictures Mom! Sure love and you and I am grateful for you and the hard working elders and sisters serving with you!

  3. Nice photos, mom! We love reading your posts.

  4. Fun to see pictures of the missionaries!! You and Dad look so good....we miss you!!

  5. I love these photos (beyond words!), but I also love all the other details, too. Like how many missionaries are in the district, how many branches, and the different areas. It's so great to get this overall view of the work there! Thank you again for your wonderful blog posts, your service, and your love and support of these missionaries.