Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We're back in business!

We've been without the internet for several days and really felt cut off from the world.  But we're back! 

We finished our apartment inspections with the Caldwell New Georgia apartment last week.  They'd done a great job keeping their apartment clean.  They kept saying, "This is a Celestial apartment."  I think they're right.  I promised their Zone Leader, Elder Zolo that I'd put their picture on my blog.  Here they are - Elders Zolo, Ngobi, Osatohangbon, and Bangura.  

Stopped to make a delivery at the Logan Town Apartments.  Here are two of our brand new missionaries with their Trainers.  Elder Guymon with his new companion Elder Gunnell and Elder Erickson with his newbie, Elder Backman.  Elder Gunnell's already had his first African hair cut.  Lookin' good!

The Mission Office has the most amazing views of the ocean.  For a California girl it's the best!  Several of the Senior Missionaries decided to go for a walk on the beach.  We ended up at Golden Beach where there is a club and restaurant.  Painted on the walls of the restaurant are these beautiful pictures.  I loved all the bright colors.

We've met the sweetest little lady who makes the cutest little dolls. This is Eva Paye and her daughter.

And these are some of her dolls.  Didn't I tell you they are cute!  Well, I've got 9 granddaughters, so...

  What you can't see is that each doll has a baby wrapped on it's back.  I kept the dolls out for several days just to look at them.  I felt like a little girl again.  I had to keep picking them up and moving them around.  I have a feeling I'll be seeing Eva Paye again!

This is Hannah Bowah.  Her father is President of the Logan Town Branch.  I was fascinated by her hair do.  Her mom told me that each little section of hair has string with several knots tied around it.  It must have taken hours to do!  She's a special little friend of mine.  I call her Hannah Banana and now so does her mom.  


  1. Yeah! I am so glad you are back in business. Those dolls are adorable, and I know the granddaughters will love them. And that little Hannah is also adorable, what fabulous hair, I am totally going to try that :) And as always I love seeing pictures of your missionaries. Love you.

  2. Glad there is a beach near by. Grab a Pepsi and you will be in your element.

  3. So fun to see a picture of Hannah Banana! She's darling! I love all the pictures - the missionaries, you and dad, the doll lady, bright African art. I love these glimpses of your life in Liberia. ❤️

  4. What a beautiful little girl. Thanks for posting all your cute pics!

  5. yeah ma big bro @Elder Osatohangbon hope to see him soon